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Do it like Mom by Almairis

This is really cute, but Rain's back legs should be straighter below the hock, her hooves should be more under her then out in front of...


Chapter 6- So, What Now?
As they neared the city Alex started getting really concerned about being stuck in human form, the three dragons around him were going to have to half transform, leaving him free falling for a bit until one of them caught him. He’s startled when Fedora stops and the twins keep descending. “Uh, Fedora?” He asks.
“They’re transforming and coming back for you.” Fedora says, “This way we don’t risk dropping you.”
“Oh, ok, makes sense.” Alex says, watching the twins transform in a flash of light. Isaak stays where he is as Kaz flies back up to him and holds out his arms to Alex. With a sigh Alex puts his arms around Kaz’s neck and Kaz slips his arms under Alex’s legs.
As Kaz flies away with Alex Fedora lets out a laugh “You know you two look pretty ridiculous like that, Alex just looks to big to be carried like that.”
Alex buries his face into Kaz’s chest in embarrassment, Kaz doesn’t respond, he just starts descending. As soon as they’re far enough away Alex sees a flash of light and knows Fedora just transformed. Fedora descends fast and Alex can’t helped but stare at her as she flies by, wearing nothing but a bra on her upper half, with leathery reddish brown wings protruding from her shoulder blades. He lets out a whistle and she flies by him again with a laugh “Enjoying the view Alex?”
Alex nods “Very much so my gorgeous darling.”
She flicks a wing in his direction, a clear invitation that he grits his teeth in frustration at b/c the proper response is to fly over there and wrap himself around her. “Kaz, would it be too much to ask for you to just fly my close enough that I can launch myself at my girlfriend? I can’t ignore that invite.”
Kaz laughs and flies towards Fedora, when he’s close enough Alex unwraps his arms from around Kaz’s neck, and launches himself through the air, onto Fedora’s back. She wasn’t expecting the sudden extra weight so they both start free falling, but they’re both laughing. They both know Fedora can straighten herself out before they hit the ground, and sure enough she twists so that her wings are in the correct position and spreads them wide, slowly there descend down nicely. As their feet touch the ground Fedora draws her wings back into herself, then twists in Alex’s arms and brings her lips to his.
Alex’s hands slid from around her neck to down her back as he holds her to him, making good use of his human form as he kisses every part of her that he can reach.
Isaak and Kaz land and Kaz whistles before saying “Get a room!”
They break apart with a laugh, but Alex takes her hand. “Shut it Kaz, I haven’t seen her in a while, and I barely got to see her earlier before Polina dragged me off to the castle.”
“Yeah, what happened at the palace, are you going to explain why you were in human form when I found you?” Fedora asks curiously.
“I will, but once we’re back in Adam’s house, Alwin and Adam will want to hear this, how’s Annie? Has she seen the prophecy?” Alex says.
“Yes she’s seen the prophecy, she’s in shock, but she’ll be fine.” Fedora answers.
“It can’t be easy finding out you’re destined to help some world you didn’t even know about.” Alex says, leading the way to Adams.
When he reaches Adams he knock and he hears “Fedora? Is that you? Did you find him?”
“Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not Fedora.” Alex calls back.
“Alex?” Comes the certain question form inside.
“Correctamundo.” Alex says with a laugh.
Adam pulls the door open and flings himself at Alex “Alex! I was so worried about you when Kaz and Isaak told us you were returning to the palace with your sister, and then you were gone longer then you should have been.”
“Wow Adam, chill out, I’m fine, well not exactly fine, but I’m alive at least, as are Kaz and Isaak, now can we go inside?” Alex says, slightly freaked by the other male dragon’s behavior.
“Oh yes, of course.” Adam says hurriedly, standing back so that they can get through the door.  
With a relieved sigh the twins draw their wings back in.
“You two ok?” Alex asks. “You’ve spent a lot of time half transformed the past few days, I know that takes a lot of energy.”
They nod, but both look exhausted as they enter the house.
Alex follows and studies the twins then says “Isaak, Kazimir, with whatever power I still have left as a Prince, I order you two to go get cleaned up and get some sleep, I’ll be fine without you two guarding me for a little bit.”
Fedora, Adam, Alwin, and Annie are all staring at Alex “What do you mean ‘with whatever power you still have left as a prince?’” Fedora asks, staring Alex down.
Isaak and Kaz hesitate in obeying the order, eyes flicking back and forth between Fedora and Alex “Alex, you want us to stay while you explain?” Kaz asks.
“No Kaz, I’ll be fine, you two are dead on your feet, go get some sleep.” Alex answers.
The twins disappear down the hall to the bathroom and Alex sinks onto the couch with a sigh, he holds out his arms, and Fedora comes over and settles herself half on the couch, half on Alex. Alex wraps his arms around her and sighs again. He focuses on Annie and says “This might be a bit difficult for you to understand, being new to Voobrazhenie and all that.”
Annie nods but says in a strangely hallow voice “Explain anyways, and I’ll try and follow, and Alwin can fill in anything I didn’t understand later, you look just as worn out as those two orange haired dragons.”
Alex nods “I am, but Adam’s house was never meant to house 5 dragons even in human form, one human, and one centaur, I can wait while my guard get cleaned up and rested.”
“Guard?” Annie asks.
“Yes, as a member of the royal family I have assigned guards, those two are mine, I’ll introduce you to them later.” Alex says.
“So Alex, you going to explain why I found you human riding on Isaak’s back or what?” Fedora asks sharply.
Alwin whinny’s in surprise “He was what?”
Alex sighs “I was on human form riding on the back of Isaak when she found us, and I’ll explain that, but I have to start with leaving here to go see Polina.”
The others nod and Alex continues, telling them all about how he went back to the palace, how he was captured and thrown in jail, how the twins rescued him, how they’d escaped, how both twins had injuries, and finally finishing with Fedora finding them and all of them returning here. Alex leans back with a sigh, Fedora is stock still in his arms, a sure sign she’s freaked, and that more than anything else scared Alex, Fedora never got freaked, she was a trained fighter, and a dragon, it takes a lot to scare a dragon, especially one that’s been trained to fight.
“So you can’t transform at all?” Fedora finally said quietly.
“Not at the moment, we don’t think it’s permanent I tried to bring my wings out on the mountain, and while I couldn’t do it, I felt something stirring beneath the surface, and when Fedora licked me I felt my inner dragon stir, it’s almost like my powers are behind a door I don’t have the key too, but there’s a window in the door that I can peer into.”
Fedora twists in his arms and kisses him intensely, and Alex felt it again, his inner dragon, but this time he could feel it clawing at the door, desperate to get out. When Fedora pulls away Alex grins, “I think I found the key, Fedora has it.”
Fedora looks at him, confused “How could I have it?”
“Because you love me, for me, but I don’t think you have the entire key, I think the twins have a part of it too. Fedora, you were the first person to come into my life that didn’t care that I’m the Crown Prince, you love Alex, not my crown. Which is why when I’m near you I can feel my inner dragon trying to break down the door, the reason I think the twins have part of the key is because while they started out serving Prince Alexsandru, they’re now my best friends and while yes they still serve me, it’s not in the same way they used to, and I felt my powers when I was with them.” Alex answers.
“When Fedora kisses you your inner dragon starts trying to break down the door?” Alwin asks in amazement.
“That time it did, when she licked me earlier because she couldn’t kiss me in dragon form, I just felt it moving, but the last two times she’s kissed me it’s felt like it was attacking the door with its claws, spikes, and fire.”
“Hmm, what happens if you transform while touching another dragon?” Alwin asks.
“They transform too, if I’m touching a none dragon they die though.” Alex says, slightly confused.
Alwin nods “Ok, tomorrow after you, Isaak, and Kaz are cleaned up, rested, and properly feed I want to go try something outside the city.”
Fedora’s eyes suddenly light up “I get it! We’re going to try to get Alex’s inner dragon to break down the door.”
“Excatly.” Alwin says, which means Annie and I will be a ways away while we do this, frankly I don’t feel like dying and I’m sure Annie doesn’t either.”
“Hey Alex?” Comes a sleepy voice from behind him.
He turns his head and sees Kaz standing there wearing just his boxers, his long orange hair still wet. “Yes Kaz?”
“Just wanted you know Isaak and I are done with the shower if you want to get cleaned up.” Kaz says.
Alex nods “Thanks Kaz, now go get some sleep. You don’t mind do you Adam? If they use your bed?” he turns to look at Adam.
“Oh no, go right ahead, I’m going out to pick up some meat for dinner anyways.” Adam says, standing up.
“Thanks Adam.” Kaz says before turning and strolling back to the bedroom.
Fedora shifts so she’s off of Alex and says “Go get cleaned up and get some sleep yourself, there’s sleeping bags on the floor of Adam’s bedroom, you can use one.”
Alex nods, he pulls some money out of his pocket and tosses it to Adam “Can you get Kaz, Issak, and I some new clothes? I’m not sure what we’ve been wearing the past few days are fit for wearing anymore.”
Adam catches the money and nods “Not a problem.”
Alex stands up and stretches before strolling back towards the bathroom, he sees the door to Adam’s bedroom door is cracked open so he peers in and smiles at the sight of his body guards lying facing each other on the bed, holding hands. Kaz’s long hair is covering Kaz’s left shoulder and spilling across his side, Isaak’s normally spiked hair is flat, and almost touching his shoulders, they’re holding hands and look so much like the boys they used to be that for a moment Alex is lost in the past, until Kaz cracks one eye open and says “You need something Alex?”
Which causes Isaak to stir and open his eyes. “Alex needs something?” He mumbles sleepily.
“No, I’m fine guys.” Alex says, “You two just looked so cute sleeping like that I got a little lost in memories of when we were younger and I’d find you two sneaking naps in my bed because it was so  
much more comfortable than your bunk in your barrack, and you two could sleep touching in my bed.”
Kaz chuckles sleepily then says “Go shower Alex.”
Alex nods and heads to the bathroom, when he looks at himself in the mirror he winces, he looks more like a hobo then a royal dragon, he picks up the comb Kazimir left on the counter, and gets to work untangling his long black and blue hair. After about thirty minutes it’s tangle free and Alex starts undressing to get in the shower, but he freezes after taking his shirt off, he never thinks much about the dragon tattoo that covered his torso, but as he sees his tattoo in the mirror he stops and stares at it, it’s fading, that can’t be right, tattoo’s don’t just start fading. He stares at it for about five minutes before it clicks in his head what it means and he screams.
It takes exactly thirty seconds for Kazimir and Isaak to come bursting through the bathroom door, wearing only boxers, but Isaak has his small scythe in his hand, and Kazimir has a dagger in his hand, by the time they’re on either side of him Fedora comes running in, her nun-cucks in her hands.  “What is it? Where’s the danger?” She’s says quickly.
Alex can’t help but bust out laughing at the sight of Kaz, and Isaak standing protectively on either side of him, wearing only their boxers but looking ready to kill, and Fedora standing in the doorway of the tiny bathroom. “Relax guys, I’m not physically in danger, I’m sorry that I woke you up Kaz and Isaak.”
“Physically?” Kaz takes note of the use of that word. “So you’re in danger mentally?”
“Not exactly.” Alex says, he turns around “Look at my tattoo.”
Kaz, Isaak, and Fedora, all stare at his tattoo, and their eyes widen “How, how is that possible, it’s fading? Tattoos don’t just fade…” Kaz stammers.
“My royal tattoo is tied to my status as a member of the royal family, my tattoo fading can only mean one thing, I’m no longer the Crown Prince of Dragon Kingdom, but it hasn’t faded completely which means I am still a prince, I just can’t inherit anymore.” Alex says morbidly.
“You. Can’t. Inherit?” Isaak says those three little words like he’s choking on them.
Fedora has sunk to the floor and is clutching her nun-chunks like she’ll die if she lets them go, and Kaz is just staring at Alex like he just grew another head, “No wonder you screamed.” Kaz says quietly, “I’d scream too if I started getting undressed and my tattoo was faded.”
Alex just nods, too numb for words, he knew what running away meant, but seeing his tattoo faded made it really hit home, he was an exile, his sister was now next in line to the throne, and he could never go back. He runs his hands over the dragon on his stomach and suddenly he feels it, his inner dragon is enraged, how dare they cage him and rob him of what was rightfully his. Suddenly he collapses, he hears his name being called, but it sounds like it’s coming from the other end of a long, noisy tunnel. Last thing he remembers before the world goes black is Fedora’s very faint voice calling his name, and then everything goes black.
What is a Dream- Chapter 6
So, I really don't think anyone cares, but I finally realized I never uploaded more chapters of this story. So here's Chapter 6. Enjoy. 
So I realized today that it's been over 6 months since I uploaded anything. Not because I stopped taking pictures, but just because I've been to lazy to upload anything, so I started looking through all the photo's i've taken since I last uploaded a picture and realized I have a lot I want to upload so be prepared I'll be playing catch up for the next month or two I'll try to upload no more then 5 a day so i don't spam y'all too much. So uhm yeah just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I'll be uploading a lot over the next month or two. Peace out. 
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United States
Hi everyone. I am currently a young college student at SFASU. I can not draw but I am a photographer, writer, and I like to color line art. I am majoring in Animal Science-Equine . I absolutly love to take pictures and will take pictures of almost anything if asked. I have a wide variety of photos in my gallery and while none of them are prints if people asked I would make them into prints. My ID is just a sample of my work check out my gallery to see all of my work. (that is me in the top middle picture, that picture was taken by :iconfanartismything:)

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